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Hazaway are the market leading specialist in the collection of hazardous waste.

Based in the South East of England but covering the UK.


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Hazaway Limited offer Peace of mind. Reliable and Responsible waste disposal.

Hazaway Limited provide consultation, collection and Safe disposal of your Hazardous, COSHH and Waste requiring special care. We collect and safely dispose of any waste.

Hazaway understand the very pressing need to safely and responsibly manage removals, and auditable disposal of Hazardous waste and Waste requiring Special care. Waste Management and especially removal of Hazardous waste now ranks alongside Health and Safety as an important consideration for any business.

Non compliance can have negative implications for the business.

Hazaway can offer a consultancy service. Our representative will visit site and list and identify all items needing special disposal. We will then provide a bespoke quotation, which will include a breakdown of the costs. Also included will be the provision of all of the legal documents to you need to demonstrate safe disposal of these types of waste.

Once the price is agreed, the collection will take place, and a short time after the paperwork will be provided in the format of your choice.

All work places have Hazardous waste which must be dispose of responsibly Items such as: fridges, batteries, print toner, aerosols and cleaning chemicals all classified as hazardous, together with more obvious examples such as: solvents, adhesives, paints, oils, oily rags and industrial chemicals – even empty containers which may contain a residue of these waste are considered a hazard. Have a look at our services menu for more information .

If you are unsure if a type of waste is hazardous waste. There are of often warning signs on them to help. Or you can call one of our consultants.

These waste need to be removed and disposed of in a professional and conscientious manner. Environmental protection is of utmost importance and a professional disposer will ensure that hazardous waste is not landfilled or put anywhere that will damage the environment.

We care about the environment and believe that waste must be disposed of responsibly in order to protect this. Our aim is to do this responsibly at a competitive price and in a timely manner.

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive waste management program, ensuring that your company meets all current waste legislation.

Your hazardous waste collection service takes your waste and transports it for recovery, recycling and treatment. We will help you to operate with the most up to date processes to dispose of the waste you produce. And in the most ethically responsible hazard free manner.

We deal with bulk and packaged hazardous waste and we can organise tankers for collection of solvents and acids as well as drummed waste and small items of hazardous material.

We offer excellent customer service, total reliability and excellent value for money. If you’re looking for a company that you can trust to do everything possible to ensure the safe and efficient disposal of your waste.

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Guidance is available at www.gov.uk


At Hazaway, we can offer :

  • Immediate response from your initial contact, followed by collection and provision of legal documentation
  • Guaranteed Collection Date
  • Packing and labelling services
  • Segregation service
  • Provision of Hazardous Waste Consignment Note
  • Waste Hierarchy applied to each job
  • National Mainland UK coverage
  • Assistance in locating data for paint types and locating MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets)


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Based in the South East of England but covering the UK.

Why dispose of waste responsibly?

Hazardous Waste management is a vital part of a business’s strategy.
Falling foul of legislation can create legal and financial implications.
The Organisation’s reputation can be adversely affected if they are not dealing with Waste in a responsible and Environmentally Compliant way.
On building sites, management of COSHH waste, and hazardous waste is vital to ensure compliance with accreditations and Fire regulations.
For any commercial premises safe disposal of waste must be recorded and this information kept so that the Organisation can demonstrate compliance.