Our Services

Excellent service, Full compliance, Peace of mind.

Tailored Waste Management

Collections can be fitted around your requirements. This can be normal working hours or out of hours if this is more suitable.
Our representative will discuss your specific requirements and provide a quotation based upon your request.

24 Hour Response

Where needed, services will be provided as an emergency response. We are able to do this very quickly, and assist where a potential hazard exists. Speak to our operator and we will put in the wheels in motion.

Fuel Polishing

Designed to eradicate the bugs and bacteria which accumulate in stored diesel and oil. To ensure continuity for your business we will ensure your system is free of bugs which could disrupt your equipments smooth running or cause damage.

Contaminated Soil

Safe disposal is not only an environmental necessity, but also often needed to ensure compliance with Planning. A soil report will be needed to identify the severity of the contamination and then a bespoke Quotation can be given to ensure safe disposal. If a soil report is already available, send it to us and we will price on this or we can arrange for a test to be done.

Asbestos Removal & Disposal

We can provide specialist removal to ensure the material type is identified correctly and disposed in full compliance with the law.
Analysis can be carried out and removal provided, leaving a safe working environment for staff or residents.

Industrial Cleaning & High Pressure Jetting

Industrial cleaning to ensure the appropriate application of services to clean and protect your environment. Speak to our adviser today.

Material Recycling & Recovery

Environmental protection is our priority. We apply the Waste hierarchy to your waste and look at the most effective and safe disposal method available. Recycling wherever possible. A full report of the disposal route will be provide to give you peace of mind.

Bulk Liquid Treatment & Disposal

Tanker services are vital to some businesses activities and we will ensure prompt and efficient services and disposal, with all of the appropriate paperwork.

Laboratory Packing, Listing and Disposal

Unsure what hazardous wastes you have? Old oils, paints, liquids. We will send a trained staff member to list the stuff you have and provide a bespoke price for disposal.

Incineration Pesticides, Herbicides & PCB

We will list these and find out the best disposal route for this waste type.

WEEE Collections

Effective disposal of this equipment is a must for all customers, but there are many different wastes and identification can be difficult. Often removal of a small part of the unit can render the rest of the unit as general waste for disposal through a normal route. We will visit and identify what you have before providing a price for safe disposal.

Tank & Pipework Clearances Fuel

Removal of redundant tanks and pipeworks to ensure safe disposal. We can also provide Tank & Fuel Delivery Inspections to ensure Compliance.

Waste Cooking Oil Collections

Regular collection and one off collection of waste oils can be arranged at a time to suit your needs.

Fat trap cleaning and disposal.

Safe and clean removal and disposal to ensure a smooth operation of your facility.

Workshop services including parts washer and Wipe dispensers

We can demonstrate and provide an efficient system for wipe dispensers for all of your workshop needs. Also part washers and all materials need to ensure a good working operation at your site.

Sanitary waste services

Provision of bins and Hygienic and efficient disposal of all of your sanitary waste needs.
Please discuss with our staff all of your needs, so that we can provide a suitable proposal for your consideration

Fly tip Clearance

In recent years as the cost of waste disposal increases. The level of Fly tipping has increased and an empty yard or car parks very often is subject to Fly tipping.

Regrettable its becoming a blot on the landscape. Waste has been dumped in quiet roads and lanes and laybys causing not only Environmental damage, but potentially dangerous situations. Waste left in this way often contains dangerous substances and need to be removed as a matter of urgency. The culprits have so concerns about the authorities.

We will visit the site and assess the waste, before carrying out a full clearance and ensuring safe and legally compliant removal. We will also discuss ways to prevent reoccurrence. Which will need to be in place before removal begins.

The services listed are a selection of those offered. If you have any other requirements in respect of disposal of waste of any kind, please contact our friendly team who will provide a prompt response.